The Core of BMS

We are aiming towards a whole child approach, which is educating a child in every aspect that is necessary for his/her future growth as a person

Who We Are

Who We Are

Bunda Mulia School (SPK), or BMS for short is a Cambridge school that offers Early Childhood, Primary, Middle School, and High School education. BMS is governed under the management of Yayasan Pendidikan Bunda Mulia (YPBM), which provides an international curriculum education to children of Indonesia and foreigners. YPBM was established in 1985 and it governs Universitas Bunda Mulia (UBM) and Sekolah Bunda Mulia (SBM). YPBM included Bunda Mulia Hospitality and Tourism Academy in 2001;  and Bunda Mulia School (SPK) in 2005 under its wings.

Our Philosophy, Vision & Mission

Our Philosophy

Bunda Mulia School (SPK) believes that student learning experiences should be meaningful and relevant when extended into the real world. Our unique curriculum is designed to suit the needs, interest and culture of our students.


"We believe that each student that attends BMS will become a passionate lifelong learner with a desire to contribute in a positive manner to the society and the global community in which we live."

Mission & Milestones

To accomplish our vision, Bunda Mulia School will :

Mission 1

Adopt a holistic approach to the growth and development of their learning and actions.

Mission 2

Encourage our students to value education and to take responsibility for their own learning and actions

Mission 3

Ensure our program fills the needs of our students so far as to increase knowledge and to develop skills, attitudes and the self-confidence need to work alone or cooperatively.

Mission 4

Foster respect for differences in each individual while developing a feeling of community and interdependence.

Mission 5

Lay the foundation for the continual pursuit of knowledge and skills, respect for learning, and desire to be a life long learner.

2005 = Year of Establishment

Year of Establishment

950 = Enrolled Students

Enrolled Students

160 = Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

15,430 = Square Kilometer of Campus

Square Meter of Campus

87 = Number of Classrooms

Number of Classrooms