Meet Our Teachers
Meet Our Teachers

The core of our success is the connection between faculty and students. We believe when a child feels loved, understood and respected, they will be successful reaching their academic potential. Our faculty is engaged with every student in different roles such as teachers, coaches, advisors, mentors and friends. Every day at BMS is an extraordinary day!

Anna Leilani Catindig Juaiting

Anna Leilani Catindig Juaiting

(Has been with BMS since 2012)


Being a preschool teacher, I need to be more creative, resourceful and energetic to think of fun and
interesting activities for kids. Modelling or showing examples of movements, singing, talking and how to
play games sometime makes me feel like I am a clown. However, this is the way of learning that kids can
relate to in a fun way. And it’s all worth it!

Chatting with them, telling stories, listening to their stories, knowing their likes and dislikes were the
few things that I experienced with them. Looking at their faces and the way they respond, the affection
that they’ve shown, you will see and feel that you gain their trust and it’s a very rewarding feeling.
Positive parent’s feedback builds my self-confidence and give me more passion in teaching.

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker

(Has been with BMS since 2015)


Hello everyone,

I’ve been at BMS for 5 years now and I really enjoy it.

What I like most is that everyone communicates and shares ideas. I feel like I am able to present new
ideas and get advice and support on how to implement new strategies to continue improving the school
for the students.

BMS is a school that listens. I always take note of feedback from parents and students and share with
the teachers and management. This way we come to learn something about the school that we haven’t
noticed, even though we are here every day.

Having flexibility to adapt our curriculum really allows us teachers to utilise our best skills in the
classroom. Recently with added additions to the campus such as the herb garden, we can let to children
be inspired by their natural environment; whether I’m teaching English or History, there’s always a
reason to visit the garden.

Being in middle school is being in a place where I really can be part of the students’ lives as they grow
from children to teens. I feel like I go through that challenging journey every year with every one of
them, and I’m pleased to be in a position to offer guidance, fun, and a wonderful learning environment.

My relationship with the middle schoolers doesn’t end when they move into high school; I always have a
smile on my face when I see how grown up they’ve become. I guess that’s why we have such a friendly
family environment; an ever-lasting connection.

I hope I can inspire them to follow their dreams and face their fears.

Kirti Bhagnani

Kirti Bhagnani

(Has been with BMS since 2015)


I feel really lucky that I am part of fun loving school we call BMS. My five years here has flown by
like a breeze with a lot of beautiful memories both inside and outside the classroom. What I love
the most about BMS is that it is an institution that allows me to be who I am and trusts me to
lead and educate my kids. In BMS, you don’t have to mould yourself to a standard textbook
teacher who teaches with rigidity and is in a rush to finish syllabuses. Here, we are accepted the
way we are and we are allowed to teach with utmost flexibility, compassion, understanding, and
eventually becoming someone our students can rely on, academically and non-academically.

In this school, I feel like I can talk to my kids about anything and be not only their teacher, but
also a listener to them. Seeing high school kids every day for four years makes us feel like we are
somehow their family and we are a part of their process as they blossom into mature teenagers.
It goes beyond textbooks and mere Economics in my classroom, it is also about instilling good
values, teaching them independence and hard work, showing them empathy through
community service, and teaching them how to grow up into becoming responsible adults.

BMS has given me an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to interact with really great kids. Most
of the kids here are kind, well mannered, respectful and fun-loving. I love seeing my students
grow and change—from first-year students to seniors and from students to alumni. They never
cease to amaze me.

For me, teaching is like art, it’s creative work. It’s the process of organizing complex materials
into teachable units. I love teaching Economics beyond the textbook and watching how my
students get better over years. I like it when students say they picked a major in college because
of a class I taught, or the moments when students tell you how you mattered in their lives. I feel
really privileged that I get to do something I love every day, and that I get to do it in a school like

In BMS, our slogan is “we’re all in this together”, and I believe we truly are. Every single teacher
right from the early preschool years all the way till the end of high school are all working
together towards the development of a child. And truly, I am extremely proud of a lot of our
BMS alumni and where they are today!

Lifinia Anggun Puspita

Lifinia Anggun Puspita

(Has been with BMS since 2017)


I have been teaching Chemistry since 2010. I can say, with confidence, that I know a few things about teaching chemistry from my years of experience in the classroom. I can tell you how to read students' facial expression, I can tell you the joy of having an "ah" moment when a student can solve the most difficult equation by herself in your class, and I can give you insights on how teaching is so much different from being a teacher.


However only a few bits of those help me when Pandemi occurs. Overnight I have to master how to run multiple online classes while being actively engaged with students on a strange platform, have to know how to work with video cameras and  editing software, and suddenly I am in my student’s shoes by learning something new everyday.


As much as I want everyone to be safe, in my opinion nothing beats real classroom with direct interaction. Nevertheless, this new online teaching experience opens a whole new opportunity to feel what it's like to be a student: to learn again, and to slowly gain new knowledge and retain it to become a new skill set. I never knew I would start my own youtube channel for teaching and I now I have it. 


We all wish everything will get better very soon and we can interact  in close proximity like we did millions of times before, but in the meantime, let's learn to adjust and count our blessings. Other challenges and obstacles are yet to come but if the yearn of learning is within us, we will do alright.

Ma Linda Talay Magboo

Ma Linda Talay Magboo

(Has been with BMS since 2004)


What I Love the most about BMS is FAMILY! That is BMS is all about since 2004.

From the cleaner to the principal and whatever race you are, you can feel the LOVE and KINDNESS all
the time. And these are all shared to all our parents and students who never stop believing in us ever
since BMS started.

Here we come together to deliver what’s BEST for all our students, whatever the situation may be, Covid
or no Covid, nothing can STOP BMS in giving the BEST education for our students. We are the second
parents in school and here all students feel like it is their second HOME.

You can call me ‘Mommy Linda’ and can’t wait to see you all SOON to be a part of our loving and caring

Sucahyadi Kusuma

Sucahyadi Kusuma

(Has been with BMS since 2010)


My name is Mr. Sucah and I am the Art and Design teacher in High School. I do a lot of mural painting all
over the school, and I also do a little bit of craft work. My responsibility is not limited to teaching
students inside the classroom. I also work with other teachers to design stage for an event, or decorate
backdrop from assembly, as well as planning the annual Enrichment Day, an event in which students are
able to explore their artistic interest & talent.

If you visit BMS, you will get the chance to see our students’ art work and you would be amazed as to
how artistic students can be. Some students came to BMS with no awareness that they have artistic
talent, but here in BMS, students are given the opportunity to explore their talent. We provide
platforms for them to enjoy their high school years to the max. They get to focus on various academic
opportunities, as well as being able to do what they are passionate about, like in sports, music, language
& literature.

I have been working in BMS for more than 10 years and I can confidently say that BMS is a great place to
work in because it is like a home away from home. Everyone in BMS is like a family member and we
support each other in everything we do. There is a high sense of belonging in BMS as everyone always
feels comfortable staying here, even when we are under a lot of pressure towards the end of the term,
we always manage to feel happy.

Of course there are ups and downs, but nothing beats the experience that I am exposed to when I am
with the students: From going on field trip with them to being involved in events. There is so much joy
to see my students happy and so much fun working with fellow teachers and staff here at BMS.
There are always surprises when you teach teenagers, you will not believe just how much you can learn
from them, it is like you enter a whole new world with no direction, everyone just goes with the flow
and throw excitement like confetti.

Shilpa Prabhakar Karve

Shilpa Prabhakar Karve

(Has been with BMS since 2017)


I am always looking for new challenges in the field of Education. Ideas incorporating STEM education
which force the learners to think out of the box and which help them to gain a broader perspective
internationally excite me the most. Being a part of the team in BMS has given me opportunities to
explore just that.

To watch a child grows self-confident and becomes a risk taker are the most fulfilling moments in the
profession of education and to achieve this BMS tries to facilitate learning involving natural
surroundings and a project based approach. This not only allows me to identify their strengths and
weaknesses but to also guide them through the learning process.

What fascinates me while working here is the collaborative learning ideology that permeates all levels
thus creating an environment of self-sustained learning even while we are in the current phase of online