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Bunda Mulia School is a unique environment where each child thrives individually and as part of a community.

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        Out in the world, they use all they’ve learned at BMS to study, live, be, do, and make good.


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"Across time zones, decades, and generations, our alumni are bonded together by fun loving memories of the time they spent with each other here."

BMS became a big part of who you are, and you are still a big part of BMS!

Joel Jonathan Lim

Joel Jonathan Lim

West Point United States Military Academy

“GO ONE MORE! Study ONE MORE hour! Do ONE MORE chapter! Run ONE MORE kilometer! Just push yourself to come out stronger than you were before.”

Amita Pradhani

Amita Pradhani

University of Indonesia

“Hello everyone! My name is Amita Pradhani from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia 2020. I am ready to dedicate my life to save yours, bearing huge responsibilities to bring smiles on the faces of humanity”

Hugo Kusuma

Hugo Kusuma

The University of Manchester

"The things i will miss in BMSn is the classes. Not only because my friends were there and all we did was joke around but also because of the teachers and the moments we had together."

Raymond Victor Setiadi

Raymond Victor Setiadi

Padjajaran University

"Hello my name is Raymond Victor Setiadi from the BMS graduate class of 2020.

I have chosen a public university, Universitas Padjajaran, because I believe that I would be able to get high quality education from very qualified lecturers.

I am also very interested in the unique way of how public universities in Indonesia work in which I would be able to gain new learning experiences through new environment surroundings."


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