Ms. Katrina Francesca
Greetings from Kepala Sekolah

BMS High School offers not only academic excellence, but also a fun and conducive learning environment for students to explore their interest and passion.

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When you become a part of BMS High School, you will experience a close-knit community of open-minded and genuinely caring students and teachers from different backgrounds.

Our educational approach for High School Education:

  • Promote leadership among students through student council and encouraging them to organize important events.
  • Provides a happy, sage and supportive learning environment.
  • Values cultural and religious diversity.
  • Makes learning relevant to real-life situation through hands-on projects, which will be achieved through the PBL.
  • Develops effective communication skills, critical thinking and ability to solve problems.
  • Trains students to use technology effectively.
  • Promotes non-academic activities for students to develop school spirit and pride of being an important part of the school.
  • Encourages activities that bring positive changes to the community through our Perform Innovate Engage Program.
  • Prepares students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens to meet challenges in the future.

BMS High School is different from many High Schools in Jakarta. It does not focus only on the learning inside the classrooms, but it takes students out of their comfort zone to see their community from different perspective.



PBL & Higher Order Thinking

PBL & Higher Order Thinking

  • Involving students in meaningful projects that allows them to explore, think and act appropriately.
  • Appreciating diversity both through learning and the environment. Understanding that a diverse community is important for our learning. It helps us respect other perspectives and value human relations.
Subjects We Offer in High School

Subjects We Offer in High School

  • Y9 - Y10 : English, Mathematics / Additional Mathematics, Biology / Economics, Chemistry / Business Studies, Physics / Accounting, Chinese (as Second Language & Foreign Language) / Indonesian Language / French, Art & Design / Music / English Literature, PE
  • Y11 - Y12 : English, Mathematics, Biology / Economics, Chemistry / Business Studies / ICT, Physics / Accounting / Psychology, Art & Design / Music / Chinese Language (HSK), PE
  • Indonesian Citizen : Bahasa Indonesia - Pendidikan Kewarganegaraan (PPKn) - Religion
  • Foreign Citizen : Indonesian Studies
Learning Environment

Learning Environment

  • Providing a safe and non-threatening environment for students.
  • Allowing them to take risks, fail, reflect and ultimately succeed.
  • Well-balanced learning experiences.
  • Nurturing varied interests of our students by providing opportunity and encouraging them to develop interest in Art, Music, Sports, Community Service, etc.
Extending Learning to Community

Extending Learning to Community

Connecting to different communities to expand learning. Getting students to involve themselves in “Global Awareness” programs through Project Based Learning.