BMS Academic Calendar A.Y 2018 / 2019

General Information

  1. Every week there will be General Assembly. Specific day will be notified by each department.
  2. First week of every month will be "Health and Safety Week".
  3. Second week of the month will be "Nutrition Week".
  4. "Recognition Day" and "Community Service" will happen once a month for Pre-School.
  5.  All Fridays will be "Free Clothes Day" for Pre-School, Primary, Middle School and Higher Secondary.
  6. Last Friday of every month will be "Batik Day" for all levels.

Field Trips and ECA / ASP

  1. All Field Trips (Pimary to High School) will be conducted between August to October. There will be only one Field Trip for all levels except the Pre-School that may have more than one trip.
  2. Subject teachers may organize short trips related to the "learning process" and will keep you informed about the details.
  3. Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) and After School Programs (ASPs) schedule will be sent to you.

Information about Examinations at BMS

  1. First Semester and Second Semester Examinations (November 2018 & May 2019). Dismissal time: after examinations.
  2. Mid-Semester 1 and Mid-Semester 2 Examinations (September 2018 & March 2019). Dismissal time will be as usual.
  3. Checkpoint Primary & Checkpoint Secondary (April 2019).
  4. IGCSE (May - June 2019).
  5. AS / A2 Level Examinations (May - June 2019).
  6. Ujian Nasional for Y6, Y9 and Y12 (April - May 2019).

Schedule will be sent to parents when it is ready / available.