Active Study vs Passive Study

06 Jul 2021

When you actively process information, you remember it better. This is because your neurons (cells in your brain) form stronger connections. What does this mean for you?

Active Study vs Passive Study


  • Reading a textbook.
  • Watching a YouTube video.
  • Reading GCSE Bitesize or an app.
  • Flicking through a revision guide.
  • Telling someone you have revised a topic.



  • Highlighting the top 5 sentences on a page (limiting yourself makes you evaluate what is actually important, helping info to “stick” better).

  • Writing a quiz for yourself as you watch the video, then answer the questions in a couple of days.

  • Trying a past-paper, and marking it with the mark scheme.

  • Making a mind-map that links across topics – or even subjects.

  • Teaching someone else a topic! Create resources or hold a remote revision class for friends.


In summary, taking information in and making something new from that information is what really helps information to stick.